Drafting of Letters
Sometimes the first step is the hardest! Knowing who to send a letter too or what to say can be a deterrent in requesting a Child Study Team meeting for your child. I can help draft and send letters to the Child Study Team in your District. In addition, I can write letters for Mediation and Due Process for those who may be further along in the advocacy process.
Review IEP Documents​
As a parent, you may feel that your child is not progressing towards their goals. I can review your IEP documents to make sure your child is getting the correct services, accommodations and modifications. I will provide written suggestions after the review is completed. This service is hourly based. After seeing the number of IEP’s and documents I will need to review, I will provide you my fee PRIOR to starting the review process.
Finding special education experts
If you are unsure of your child needs further help than what they are currently receiving, I can recommend experts in the special education field. This includes being able to recommend Special Education Attorneys, if necessary. Please contact me directly for pricing.
Attend IEP Meetings or IEP Meeting Preparation
Advocating for your child can be extremely overhwhelming and sometimes emotions prevent us from speaking from a place of confidence. You are entitled to being anyone you like to these meetings and the presence of an advocate can be extremely helpful. I can be there to articulate your child’s needs and help to develop a partnership between the school district and your family.
Organization of Documents ​
Paperwork can pile up quickly. Being well organized allows you to advocate from place of confidence! From evaluations, testing, progress reports, IEP’s and written correspondence (just to name a few) I will help you organize all of your materials in a way that makes the most sense for you.