My Name is Deena

and I am the mother of a child with special needs. To use the analogy of putting together a puzzle, I’ve been striving to get the whole picture of our daughter. Every time I thought I got the last piece, the puzzle got bigger. Countless IEP meetings, evaluations, testing and therapies always seemed to fall short when trying to get a complete picture of our girl. Perhaps having someone to view all this information with a fresh set of eyes could made things a bit easier for our family. Navigating the special education system is a very overwhelming process filled with moments of triumph as well as moments of crying in the bathroom. You just want to get it right for your child. I look forward to connecting with your family to achieve more triumph over tears!
Deena Daloisio

About Me

My Goal

My goal for Like A Mother Advocacy Services is to look over every IEP like it was for my own child. I will listen to your concerns as a parent and then compare it to what your child is receiving through their 504 Plan or IEP. Even if you do not have a document yet, I can help you determine if one is right for your child and then assist you in navigating the path. I strive to apply a thoughtful, organized approach to help you prepare for conversations with your school district. By putting facts before emotion, I can help you become a better advocate for your child.

My Education

I received my Board Certification for Advocacy in Special Education because I believe the goal for children to receive a free appropriate public education (FAPE) has become lost in the ever-changing educational environment. In order to ensure that children and their parents are protected under the law, special education advocates are often needed.
I started Like a Mother Advocacy Services because, quite frankly, I wish I had someone like myself. Someone that would help decipher the overwhelming amount of information I was receiving. Someone that would review my child’s IEP and make recommendations for further services or evaluations that may be needed. Someone to offer problem solving solutions when emotions take over while attending meetings. I wish I had a person that was there to support me while I was working so diligently to support my daughter. I wish I had an advocate.